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WELCOME to Flodesk Migration Made Easy! Here are a few things to note before we get started:

  1. This content was not created by, nor is it endorsed by Flodesk. It was created by a Flodesk fan and user (MJ @ Indoorzy.com 👋 )
  2. The content was originally 2 videos, then cut into multiple lessons for your convenience. My apologies for any rough cuts and unedited "um's" 😇
  3. I may say "tag/tags/tagging" when referring to "segments" in Flodesk, because they switched up the way that they are typically used in other tools, and in my mind Flodesk segments act like tags! (See the next lesson for more info)
  4. Be sure to check below the videos for any text notes or updates I may have missed in the video, as well as any relevant links or other helpful info.
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